Key IEs of the Forward Relocation Response message

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lForward Relocation Response (Cause, RAN Transparent Container, RANAP Cause, RAB setup
Information): indicates that the target RNC is ready to receive downlink data sent by the source RNC but not confirmed by the MS.
pUTRAN Transparent Container: contains the UE-based RRC information of the target RNC
for resource handover. Such information shall be included in the RAN Transparent Container message, which shall be sent to the RNC. The RNC shall forward it to the UE.
pRANAP cause:  is information from the target RNC in the new SGSN.
pRAB setup Information: contains the RNC Tunnel Endpoint Identifier and user traffic IP address of the RNC required by data forwarding. If the target RNC or new SGSN fails to allocate resources, the RAB setup Information contains only the NSAPI, which is used to instruct the source RNC to release the NSAPI-related resources.
pCause: contains Request Accepted, No resources available, and Relocation failure.

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