Documentaion volunteer customers in past years

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2013 Documentation Volunteer Customers

Video: 2014 HUG Documentation Improvement

Customers Feedback

1) Documentation improvement issue: Delta documents

  • Bell: Customers provided affirmative feedback on overall delta document improvements.
  • Omnitel Customers provided affirmative feedback on Release Notes in .chm and change summary, and they considered that there was no problem with delta document improvements.
  • Mobinil: The Delta documentation is perfect.

2) Documentation improvement issue: Feature documents

  • Omnitel Customers considered it was OK for new-added Solution Guide, but they mentioned that it needed continually improving, especially on the basic quality of features, including correctness and consistency.
  • Mobinil: The features documentation is greatly enhanced, thanks to Huawei.
  • TELUS: It looks like it has improved overall. However, we would need to go into specific details and issues to see if the documentation is more helpful now -all past issues or questions raised so far seem to be addressed now.  


2012 Documentation Volunteer Customers

Video: 2013 HUG Documentation Improvement



2011 Documentation Volunteer Customers

Video: 2012 HUG Documentation Improvement




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