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Carrier-class platform

The hard     ware platform of the PDSN9660 is our universal switching router (USR), which is a carrier-class network switching device, and complies with the well-developed telecommunication industry standards. The PDSN9660 adopts a compact hardware structure. The PDSN9660 software inherits the technologies used by Huawei versatile routing platform (VRP), such as the integrated routing technology, IP quality of service (QoS), virtual private network (VPN), and security technology. In addition, the PDSN9660 software provides extended wireless telecommunication functions.

High reliability

The PDSN9660 is designed with reliable hardware, software, and networking to ensure the smooth running.

Large capacity

The hardware platform of the PDSN9660 is a fifth-generation core router. In the PDSN9660, the signaling/control plane is separated from the data plane. The signaling/control plane consists of multiple high-performance interchangeable processors. The data plane consists of multiple network processors (NPs) with high performance and high forwarding capability. The PDSN9660 provides a throughput of 20Gbps, higher than any PDSN developed by any other vendor.

High security

The PDSN9660 takes the following security measures:

  • Strict authentication of operator identity
  • Point-to-point protocol (PPP) authentication in password authentication protocol (PAP) and challenge handshake authentication protocol (CHAP) mode
  • Packet filtering and access control list (ACL) mechanism to filter packets based on preset conditions
  • Pi interface redirection function, which can defend against attacks between mobile users connected to one PDSN
  • IP Security (IPSec) protocol, which provides IP packets with high-quality, interoperable, and cryptology-based security

Applications & Benefits

Based on years of development experience in data communications and wireless fields and deep understanding of telecommunication services and operations, our proprietary PDSN9660 can meet the service requirements of mobile operators. Combining the core hardware platform of our CN-PS gateways, the PDSN9660 features high integrity, high performance, high reliability, and easy maintenance, meeting the carrier-class operation requirements of telecom network.

Currently, the PDSN9660 serves 28 of the worlds top 50 operators, with delivery of more than 310,000,000 lines to over 100 countries all over the world.