Check IMEI messege Flow in PS

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lWhen the IMEI needs to be checked on the network, the network must be authenticated before the IMEI can be checked.
lIf the SGSN does not contain the IMEI of the user, the SGSN sends the user an authentication request message to request the MS to return
its IMEI.
lIf the MS indicates authentication success in an authentication response message and the response contains the IMEI of the user, the SGSN initiates the IMEI check flow. If the MS authentication fails or the authentication response does not contain the IMEI of the user, the IMEI check flow is not initiated.
lAfter receiving an IMEI check message from the user, the EIR returns the IMEI status. The SGSN determines what to do based on the IMEI status. The IMEI statuses returned by the EIR are classified into three types: white-box, black-box, and gray-box. How the user handles the three statuses depends on the SGSN configuration.

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