Troubleshoot Case Experience: Subscriber Attach Failure Due to Non-Compliance of

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l [Symptom]: After a subscriber of country J roamed to country H, the subscriber failed to be attached to the PS network of country H. According to the subscriber tracing result, the cause value of the attach failure is protocol error unspecified. When the MAP_SERVICE_IND message is traced on the Gr interface, it is found that some contents could not be explained in the traced message: !!Can not explain.

l [Alarm information]: ASN1 decoding error alarm, with alarm ID = 705

l [Handling approach] According to the message tracing result and alarm information, the cause of the fault is that the decoding of a MAP_SERVICE_IND message fails. The message is Insert_subscriber_data. After the IE structure was checked according to the 3GPP 29.002 specification, it was found that the order of two IEs, namely, ext2-QoS-Subscribed and pdp-ChargingCharacteristics, of the PDP Context is incorrect.

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