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The interface between the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) network and external IP networks. The location register function in the GGSN stores subscription information and routing information (needed to tunnel packet data traffic destined for a GPRS MS to the SGSN where the MS is registered) for each subscriber for which the GGSN has at lest one PDP context active.

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SGSN benifits:

  • High-capacity and efficient packet handling
  • Full UTRAN/GERAN to core network access support includes mobility management, GTP tunneling and de-tunneling, and PDP context activation and management, as well as attaches/detaches and billing
  • Optional support for Cisco’s FastPath architecture and Direct Tunnel improves the subscriber experience and reduces operational and capital expenditures by optimizing the usage of subscriber plane resources
  • Increased flexibility by enabling any combination of 2.5G and 3G on a single platform
  • SGSN can be combined with GGSN and in the future any of the EPC elements on a single platform to maximize efficiency and flexibility, reduce latency, and simplify and optimize network architecture
  • Frame Relay, ATM, and IP-based transport on all radio and core network interfaces enhances performance, offers outstanding scalability, and reduces interconnectivity complexity
  • High availability helps ensure subscriber satisfaction and 99.999 percent system availability

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Good information.


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What is the benefit of SGSN?
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Is there any other interface between GPRS & other IP networks?
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Yes BSC & RNC have IP interfaces between GPRS & MBPN IP networks
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This document is very well done

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