Pico Basics – Learning Basic Information About Pico

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 1.Application Description

1) Service Description

    The BTS3911B is a UMTS/LTE multimode multi-band Pico developed based on Huaweis adherence to customer-centric innovation. The BTS3911B is compact, lightweight, enables plug-and-play deployment, and offers self-configuration features, making it an excellent choice for operators. The BTS3911B does not require shelter or equipment room facilities, simplifying site acquisition and network deployment.

2) Documentation Description

    You may have the following questions about the BTS3911B:

l   What is the position of the BTS3911B on the network and what are its functions?

l   What is the logical structure of the BTS3911B?

l   Where can I learn about the appearance, ports, indicators, auxiliary equipment, and cables of the BTS3911B?

l   Where can I learn about the specifications (such as the frequency bands, working modes, power consumption, and transmit power) of the BTS3911B.

The answers to all those questions can be found in BTS3911B Product Description.


Organized into four main topics: Product Description, Hardware Description, Operation and Maintenance, and Specifications

l   Product Description: Describes the BTS3911B appearance, dimensions, network position, networking, and logical structure so you can have a basic understanding of the BTS3911B.

l   Hardware Description: Describes the BTS3911B ports and indicators, auxiliary equipment, and cables so you can understand the BTS3911B hardware in more detail.

l   Operation and Maintenance: Describes the BTS3911B O&M modes and functions so you can get a quick overview of the BTS3911B O&M.

l   Specifications: Provides detailed technical specifications so you can understand the BTS3911B more deeply.

3.Quickly obtaining the documents 

Product Version Link


BTS3911B Product Description (01)



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