Pico BTS3900 Reconfiguration Guide – Facilitating Your Network Optimization

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

After the network system is in use, with the system operating and maintenance, and the increasing number of users served by the network, the service performance of the live network gradually deteriorates. In this condition, the network optimization/maintenance engineers must analyze the live network conditions to add, modify, or delete data in the system. How to perform the specific operations?

BTS3911B Reconfiguration Guide can help you.

BTS3911B Reconfiguration Guide provides guidelines for BTS3911B reconfiguration. BTS3911B reconfiguration consists of capacity expansion and network reconstruction. The reconfiguration of a single feature is not described in this guide. For more information, see the corresponding FPD.

2) Documentation Description 

BTS3911B Reconfiguration Guide provides guidelines on the following aspects:

lRadio data reconfiguration: describes how to reconfigure BTS3911B radio data, such as modifying the cell bandwidth, modifying the cell power, and modifying the base station sharing mode.

lTransport data reconfiguration: describes how to reconfigure BTS3911B transport data, such as adding an MME connection, removing an X2 link, and changing a device IP address.

lDevice data reconfiguration: describes how to reconfigure BTS3911B device data, such as changing the BTS3911B name and changing the BTS3911B id.  

2. Highlights 

1) Complete scenario coverage and easy to find.

2) Compete contents: include complete procedure, reconfiguration contents, and reconfiguration tools.

3) Easy-to-understand description: uses the table + figure format to visually describe the reconfiguration solution and result.


3.Quickly obtaining the documents

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