Pico BTS3900 Alarm/Event Documents-Assistance for Fault Rectification

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

An alarm refers to the fault information reported to the network management center when a product incurs a fault. If an alarm is generated, it must be cleared manually.

An event refers to the notification information generated on a product. An event does not indicate a fault, and it does not need to be processed manually. Events are used to notify operation and maintenance engineers of what has happened.

The following describes alarms to illustrate what maintenance engineers need to do when an alarm is generated on a product.

1. On the network management center, obtain the following information about the alarm:

  • Basic information about the alarm, including the alarm name, alarm ID, alarm severity, and NE type
  • Other alarm information, including the alarm source, location information, and occurrence time

2. Query the alarm reference by alarm ID or alarm name.

3. Clear the alarm step by step based on the queried information.

4. If the alarm persists, collect the fault information and contact Huawei engineers.

2) Documentation Description 

For details about how to clear alarms generated on BTS3911B, see BTS3911B Alarm Reference.

2. Highlights 

1)  Detailed alarm description

2)  Classified possible causes

3)  Flowchart and detailed operations

4) Separated remote handling operations and onsite handling operations

3.Quickly obtaining the documents

 Product  Version  Link
 BTS3911B  V100R010C10

《BTS3911B Alarm Reference

《BTS3911B Event Reference


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