Pico Base Station Troubleshooting Guide

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

Troubleshooting refers to the actions of analyzing fault causes, adjusting the equipment to the normal status, and recovering services if the equipment is faulty.

The troubleshooting process and methods are very important for you to shorten the time of service interruption due to equipment faults, minimize the impact of equipment faults on services, and quickly restore the equipment to the normal status.

Troubleshooting objectives:

  • Use simple methods to determine the fault scope, locate fault causes, and rectify the faults.
  • Save fault information for other maintenance engineers to quickly rectify the faults.

The following information helps you effectively maintain Huawei equipment and quickly rectify equipment faults:

  • Faults have different severities, indicating different affected service scopes. You can handle the fault by yourself or contact Huawei engineers for help according to the fault severity.
  • Formulate scientific and rational fault handling process based on Troubleshooting Guide. In the case of a fault, rectify it according to the standard procedure.

2) Documentation Description

You can refer to Troubleshooting Guide to formulate scientific and rational troubleshooting procedure to quickly rectify faults.

During troubleshooting, you can also refer Alarm Reference. Troubleshooting Guide and Alarm Reference are supplementary to each other.

If the fault is simple, and only one alarm is reported, you can refer to Alarm Reference to rectify the fault.

If the fault is complex, you can refer to Troubleshooting Guide to analyze possible causes of the fault and formulate the troubleshooting procedure. Generally, clear alarms related to the fault referring to the alarm reference at first, and then locate other fault causes.


2. Highlights

3. Reference Documents





 BTS3911B  V100R012C10  BTS3911B Troubleshooting Guide
 V100R013C10  BTS3911B Troubleshooting Guide



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