Cell Breathing in WCDMA

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Cell Breathing in WCDMA:

The cell coverage shrinks as the loading increases, this is called cell breathing.

In the uplink, as more and more UE are served by a cell, each UE needs to transmit higher power to compensate for the uplink noise rise. As a consequence, the UE with weaker link (UE at greater distance) may not have enough power to reach the NodeB–therefore a coverage shrinkage.

In the downlink, the NodeBalso needs to transmit higher power as more UE are being served. As a consequence UE with weaker link (greater distance) may not be reachable by the NodeB.

Planning must be done with respect to busy hour Traffic

If load increases coverage area decreases & if load decreases coverage area increases

Minimum Coverage will be at full load & Maximum coverage will be at lowest load

Area between Maximum & Minimum coverage is called cell breathing area


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