FUP Service Overview in data service

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l Purpose

  As the mobile network access bandwidth increases, certain carriers provide the non-traffic charging service (such as on a monthly basis) to attract more users. The non-traffic charging service creates a problem of few resources occupying large network resources to the fixed network carriers. For example, 10% subscribers occupying 80% of the network resources. This prevents subscribers subscribing to the same service from enjoying the same user experience. In this case, the FUP is used to solve this problem.


l Functions

  Managing the quota and resetting the quota period to limit the usage of the subscribers in a certain period of time. The RM9000 supports service-level and session-level quota types and allows you to set the 4 level traffic threshold, reset the quota period, and reset the quota period daily, weekly, or monthly.

  Defining the quota fragment, quota threshold, and the association between the service and the quota. When a service is configured with different quotas, the FUP uses different policies based on configurations. When the number of the quotas used reaches a specific threshold, the FUP decides to send a short message or an email for notification.

  Assigning one or more quotas to a subscriber. The FUP carries the assigned quota information and the service policy when installing a policy on the PCEF.

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what is PCEF and its function?
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