Prerequisite of datacom Network Optimization

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Network optimization is on the top of network operation and maintenance. So, optimization need enough background knowledge to support.  Network principle is the base, only if the OAM engineer master the correlative procedure and knowledge, next, we know which procedure KPI (Key Performance Indicator) should be monitored. Then, we will know how to perform trouble discovery, trouble location, even trouble shooting.


Product related knowledge is also very important. In general case, equipments work normally, the trouble is caused by mistakes which OAM engineer made. In this case, we need verify the product data configuration, correct the mistakes, tune the unreasonable or unbalanced configuration. Troubleshooting contain product level and network level, we cannot solve the problem encountered in optimization procedure without troubleshooting ability.

Network planning knowledge is important too. We know the equipment or network capacity,
we still need know the traffic of network, in different country, different network, subscribers possess different behaviors, that result in different traffic template/model. Base on the previous condition, different bandwidth is needed. So, we also need know how to calculate the bandwidth in different scenario, and tune the network to adapter the network evolvement.

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