Differences Between Macro and Micro Base Stations (1)-How to Obtain Differences

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1. Application Description

1)     Service Description

This document describes the northbound interface (NBI) data differences between macro and micro base stations. If you have deployed a macro base station and plan to deploy a micro base station, you can learn the differences and then modify the existing NBI tools instead of developing new ones for the micro base station, achieving successful connection between network elements (NEs) to the NBI network management system.

2)     Documentation Description

Based on the NBI data list of macro base stations, Huawei provides differences between data of each type of micro base station and its NBI data, such as the differences on parameter settings, alarms, and performance counters.

For the alarm and performance counter list, Huawei adds two fields, BTSXXX VS BTS3900 and Huawei Comment, to the alarm and performance counter fields of macro base stations.

For the reference list, Huawei adds three fields, BTSXXX VS BTS3900, Actual Value Range of BTSXXX, and Huawei Comment, to the reference fields of macro base stations.

The meaning of each field is as follows:

1: BTSXXX VS BTS3900: describes the change type, including Consistency, New, Modified, or Deleted.

2: Actual Value Range of BTSXXX: describes the modification details, only in Parameter List.

3: Huawei Comment: describes the change reason.

2. Highlights

Different base stations types have similar highlights. The following using the BTS3902E as an example.

1)     Delivery mode

2)      Delivery contents

3. Reference Documents






RAN15.0 BTS3902E NBI Data Documents 03(2014-01-26)



RAN15.0 BTS3803E NBI Data Documents 02(2014-01-24)

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