Large Capacity and Powerful Processing Performance,Scalability & High Reliabilit

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The CG9812 provides the function of processing CDRs with excellent performance and the function of storing CDRs with large capacity.

The CG9812 uses the disks with large capacity and processors with excellent performance, so it provides large CDR storage capacity and powerful CDR processing performance. In standard configuration, the CG9812 can ensure that:
  • Each pair of boards can process 3000 CDRs per second.
  • Original CDR files and final CDR files can be stored for at least seven days.
  • The CDRs in different formats can be received and processed at the same time. The CDRs can separately be saved and provided to the BS.

The scalability feature of the CG9812 helps to expand services effectively.

  • The CG9812 employs the modular design. You can add new modules to introduce new functions and new technologies, thus extending the application scope. This helps to expand the capacity and upgrade the functions.
  • To meet the requirement on large system capacity, you can improve the service support capability of the CG9812 by upgrading or adding boards.

The CG9812 uses the following mechanisms to ensure high reliability of the system:

  • All the key devices and components of the CG9812 are redundant in 1+1 backup mode. These components include boards, power modules, and Ethernet ports.
  • The CG9812 sends CDR files in real time to the storage device for backup. This ensures the security of the CDR files.
  • The CG9812 can automatically restore damaged status files. This improves the reliability of file backup and system recovery effectively.
  • Multiple physical charging links can be set up between the CG9812 and the CG9812. When a charging link fails, the charging services on the link are automatically switched over to another available charging link.
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Each pair of boards How much CDR can process  per second?
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