Software Structure of CG

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The software structure of the CG9812 includes several service processes. The service processes consists of the kernel process, BS process, access point process, operation and maintenance process, cluster process, and parameter configuration process. Each process contains various independent service thread modules.

The CG9812 is a multi-process and multi-thread system in the client/server structure.

The CG9812 software sets a thread module for each independent service. Then the thread modules with similar service functions form a process. In this way, the software is in the multi-process and multi-thread structure. The communications between processes use the mature client/server mode. In this mode, one process serves as the core, and the others serve as sub-processes. This allows a core process to dispatch and monitor other sub-processes.

Figure 1 shows the software structure of the CG9812.
Figure 1 Software structure
Except the parameter configuration process, each process contains a management module and a message relay module.
  • Management module

    Used to manage and dispatch the modules in the process.

  • Message relay module

    Used to forward messages between the processes and in the process.

Kernel Process

As the core of the CG9812 software, the kernel process is the TCP/IP server of the access point process, O&M process. It starts, stops, and monitors the access point process, and O&M process.

Access Point Process

The access point process integrates the key service functions of the CG9812. The functions involve CDR receiving, CDR processing, and CDR storage. The modules performing these service functions are the network module, frontsave module, CDR process module, and backsave module. These four modules form a unidirectional CDR processing process, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Access point process
The functions provided by each module are as follows:
  • Network module

    It uses GTP to receive original CDRs to avoid repetition or loss of CDRs.

  • Frontsave module

    It stores the CDRs that are received by the nework module.

  • CDR processing module

    It sorts CDRs, converts the format of CDRs, and generates and sends final CDRs to the backsave module.

  • Backsave module

    It stores final CDRs in different channels, generates final CDR files, and provides them for the BS.

Cluster Process

The cluster process is used to start and manage the kernel process.

Parameter Configuration Process

The parameter configuration process is the parameter configuration module of the CG9812. The CG9812 provides the function of configuring parameters remotely through the GUI of the Parameter Config Console.

Operation and Maintenance Process

The operation and maintenance process integrates the operatability and maintainability functions of the CG9812. According to the functions, these service modules are classified into the log module, backup module, CDR browsing and querying module, MML server module, performance module, and alarm module. The modules are relatively independent from each other.

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