CG SDM Module

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(Shelf Data Module) stores the slot information and the subrack asset
information, such as subrack name, bar code, vendor, and delivery date.
The SMM obtains the preceding information from the SDM to manage
all the devices in the subrack.

  • Identifying a subrack through the DIP switches when multiple subracks are cascaded

  • Recording the subrack information, such as subrack name, bar code, vendor, and delivery date

  • Recording the performance parameters of the system, such as the power of slots

  • Supporting customized configuration items, such as the maximum input of each power supply

  • Providing interfaces for obtaining the monitoring information of the PDB

  • The SDM is hot-swappable. The front panel of the SDM
    provides a removable ejector lever. You can use the ejector lever to
    insert, remove, or secure the SDM. The ejector lever cannot be used to
    power on or power off the SDM.


The SDM is located at the bottom rear of the subrack. Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the exterior and side view of
the SDM respectively.

Figure 1 Exterior of the SDM


Figure 2 Side view of the SDM


1. Ejector lever 2. Positioning pin 3. Data connector

http://localhost:7904/pages/31184372/01%20%282010-03-10%29/31184372/01%20%282010-03-10%29/resources/public_sys-resources/icon-note.gif NOTE:
  • A DIP package consists of eight switches. The eight switches represent eight binary digits (0 or 1).
  • The
    8-bit binary value ranges from 00000000 to 11111111, corresponding to
    subrack numbers 0 to 255. You can set the subrack number based on actual
  • The leftmost position represents the most
    significant bit of the binary value and the rightmost position
    represents the least significant bit.

The front panel of the SDM provides a HEALTHY indicator, two serial ports, a network port, and a DIP switch. See Figure 3.

Figure 3 Front panel of the SDM


1. Ejector lever 2. HEALTHY indicator 3. ETH interface 4. COM2 serial port 5. COM1 serial port
6. DIP switch        


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