Subscriber-Specific PCC Based on Accumulated Traffic Volume

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The Huawei smart bandwidth management solution enables carriers to increase
their revenue by providing customized service policies and tariffs to
subscribers. This solution provides carriers with the following
measures to improve user experience, and encourage the use of services
by subscribers:
  • Subscribers are generally concerned that they may
    incur huge bills if they unknowingly use more data than the limit
    specified in their monthly data plan. To address this issue, the unified
    policy and charging controller (UPCC) collects the accumulated
    data usage for subscribers who have not subscribed to a flat monthly
    rate, and sends a short message service (SMS) or email notification to
    subscribers when their data usage reaches a specified threshold. This
    prevents subscribers from experiencing
    bill shock and subscribers are more willing to use services.
  • Carriers
    can redirect subscribers who have exhausted their quota before the end
    of the month to an account recharge website, where subscribers can
    purchase temporary data plans to continue to use broadband network
    resources. By doing this, carriers
    can encourage subscribers to continuously use services, and increase
    their revenues
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documentation very useful for my job
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Subscriber-Specific PCC Based on Accumulated Traffic Volume is very useful to control the user usages.
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