PCC Based on Service Types (GPRS/UMTS Network)

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Mobile broadband (MBB) services have been experiencing explosive growth. With
this background, the operating modes of the traditional packet switched
(PS) networks face various challenges, and measures
must be taken to implement refined operation.

  • The ratio of traffic volume to revenue varies according to
    service types. For example, point to point (P2P) services such as
    BitTorrent (BT) services use a large amount of network resources, but
    bring only a moderate amount of revenue for carriers.
    Therefore, to increase their revenue, carriers must implement
    service-specific policy and charging control (PCC).
  • A large
    number of service providers (SPs) or content providers (CPs) are making
    excessive amount of money by providing services on the broadband
    networks, but carriers who own these broadband networks only obtain
    limited rental from the SPs or
    CPs. To make the most out of their investment on broadband networks and
    improve their profitability, carriers must implement service-specific
  • A large number of low-ARPU subscribers subscribe to monthly
    packages with no traffic limit. These subscribers use a large amount of
    network resources but do not increase carriers revenue. Therefore, to
    efficiently allocate network resources
    and increase carriers revenue, PCC needs to be implemented for these
    subscribers when the network resource usage reaches a specified

Figure 1 PCC based on service types

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