Software Structure of USN

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OMU Structure

The OMU server software is an application software that is based on the ATCA
hardware platform, runs on the Linux OS, and requires the database. The
OMU provides data storage and OM functions. All software is
loaded from the OMU. The OMU communicates with the host through the IP buses in the ATCA subracks. The OMU performs operations and maintenance on external equipment through the LMT and WebUI. The LMT runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS),
and connects to the OMU through the maintenance IP address
of the OMU. You can view performance measurement results and upgrade
the system through the WebUI. After you enter the OMU maintenance IP
address in the address box of Microsoft Internet Explorer,
you can log in to the WebUI and perform operations supported by the OMU.
Figure 1 shows the hierarchical relationship between the OMU, the database, the Linux OS, and the ATCA hardware platform

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