USU Install Guide

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

The hardware installation quality affects safe and reliable running of equipment in a long time. Therefore, systematic and standardized installation can effectively reduce unstable factors caused by inappropriate installation and improve equipment running reliability and work efficiency.

2) Documentation Description

USUs are classified into USU3900s and USU3910s. The hardware installation provides guidance for field installation personnel to install hardware and query related hardware parameters. Huawei provides the following documents for different site types.

  • USU3900 Installation Guide
  • USU3910 Installation Guide

2. Highlights

1)         The document lists required preparations for ensuring smooth installation, as shown in the following figure.



2)         The installation sequence is clear.   





3. Reference Documents






click here


 V100R010C10 click here


 V100R009C00 click here

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useful document, thanks
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