Telco Business Transformation

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In the mature markets, although regarded as a threat, Internet and over-the-top (OTT) services, as well as smartphones and tablets, are today’s main drivers of mobile data usage/revenue. High-bandwidth M2M services will continue to expand thanks to the cost-efficient service delivery enabled by cloud technologies and the proliferation of powerful MBB-connected devices. However, operators have been connecting these services/devices to the Internet through a ‘gigabyte pipe’ with a generous flat-rate data package, which has eroded their bottom line and enabled said players to literally invade their space.

Therefore, operators need a clear strategy to combat these challenges and a comprehensive plan to leverage new opportunities. This can only be achieved by rationalizing and harmonizing network & IT infrastructure; optimizing operations and business processes to reduce OPEX; adopting new open business models based on partnerships with CPs/SPs; and creating new service offerings and applications to compensate for falling revenues from core voice and messaging services.

Operators in emerging markets suffer from intense internal market competition and low ARPU, but are as yet less threatened by the OTT and Internet players. They can learn from the mistakes made in North America, Europe and other mature markets. They still have time to proactively transform their businesses to take advantage of the coming revolutions in their territories.

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Nice writing.. 
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It may be a summary post.
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Actually, ARPU  means Average revenue per user or average revenue per unit is an expression of the income generated by a typical subscriber or device per unit time in a telecommunications network. The ARPU provides an indication of the effectiveness with which revenue-generating potential is exploited.

The formula for average revenue per user is:

ARPU = Total Revenue / Number of Subscribers

Suppose a local internet service provider makes $500,000 worth of revenue. Also assume it has 800 customers.

Average Revenue Per User = $500,000 / 800 = $625

Now, suppose the same company offers a premium service as an add-on. Some customers will opt to pay more for the service. This will boost revenue to, say, $600,000. This will increase the ARPU.

Average Revenue Per User = $600,000 / 800 = $750

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can you define what is ARPU in telecom..?
rupak   银牌会员    发表于 2014-5-28 01:45:30

can you define what is ARPU in telecom..?
rupak   银牌会员    发表于 2014-5-28 01:45:30

can you define what is ARPU in telecom..?
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