ECO6910 Spare Parts Catalog

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1. Application Description

1)Service Description
    To shorten downtime for equipment repair, a certain quantity of parts are often reserved in the spare parts warehouse. These parts are termed spare parts. The spare parts are used to replace worn or aged parts during equipment repair. Spare parts are important for equipment repair. If the spare parts are provided in time, the equipment perfectness ratio of a manufacturer is improved and the downtime for equipment repair is shortened.
2)Documentation Description
    The spare parts manual provides a BSC spare parts list (including fan assemblies, boards, optical modules, and cables), facilitating spare part identification and replacement, shortening downtime for equipment repair, and enabling service recovery within a shortest period.
    Huawei provides the following manuals for you:

      ECO6910 Spare Parts Manual: applies to eCoodinator.

  Relationships with other documents
    The spare parts manual lists hardware spare parts for site maintenance and BSC installation. With the manual, you can quickly find required spare part information and prepare required spare parts.
    The following figure shows the document structure.

    Q: Where can I get substitution and out-of-production information of boards?
    A: You can get the information in section "Replaced and Withdrew Parts" in the spare parts manual. 

    Q: If board A is out of production, how can I replace this board with board B? 
    A: You can refer to section "Replacing Boards and Modules" in Site Maintenance Guide and perform replacement operations following corresponding procedure provided in this section. Board replacement may affect services. You are advised to contact Huawei engineers to replace the board or perform the replacement under the instruction of Huawei engineers.

3. Reference Documents 

Solution Version Product Version Link
ECO6910 V100R005C10 ECO6910 Spare Parts Catalog
ECO6910 V100R004C10 ECO6910 Spare Parts Catalog
ECO6910 V100R003C00 ECO6910 Spare Parts Catalog

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