NTT Docomo2015中期战略转型,大数据作为核心使能

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  • 从增值业务服务公司进行一步转型成为合作创造增值服务的公司,围绕用户打造SmartLife聚焦Personal x Records,面向合作伙伴和消费者打造社会数字化平台
  • Redefining the Business Asset:6.6 min subscribers+ Point Eco System + Payment:Point Eco System and Docomo ID will change into D-Account of Carrier-Free.
  • Gathering new Data and Customers asset: Accumulation of Intellectual Property related Basic System of AI, Investment for Jibe Mobile
  • Big Data Enabler: Expansion of D-Market/Co-creating services with +d
  • Data Link: Expansion of M2M/IoT(4.9 mil ⇒ 100 mil↑)


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