sohaib_alhilf   金牌会员    发表于 2017-1-27 17:55:15   最新回复:2017-04-17 21:38:13

If you have problem or alarm in VSWR in bts or eNodeBs
1 check the board (hardware ) may be hack by rest the board by
a_ log by mml to system
b_ diplay the vswr to find the slot no subrack no by DSP VSWR
c_ rest the board by using RST BRD command d_ wait for 4 min and disply VSWR
e_ if still not solved then check jumper for the channel which have problem get info from DSP VSWR
f_ reconnect the jumper or replace it.

The problem should be fixed

best regard
Sohaib M. Alhilfi
Saravanan.S   金牌会员    发表于 2017-4-17 21:38:13

Thanks for your shared information
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