Wireless Network Information Center Spring Release Notice

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 Official Online Release of SRAN12.1/eRAN12.1/RAN19.1/GBSS19.1 Documents

Wireless Network Information Center contains the latest SRAN12.1/eRAN12.1/RAN19.1/GBSS19.1 documents.

Comprehensively Improved User Experience

1. Enhanced portal query function that supports aggregation of similar query results

2. Support for customized information displays with the latest access records.

3. Optimized Tech Support to allow mobile viewing of technical posters, RRU Family, and AAU family

Enhanced Query and Customization

The tab page name has changed from Tools to Quick Check with an optimized layout to highlight the functions of quick document query and customization.

1. [Base Station Family] Added information of LampSite base stations and supported the RRU power configuration function.

2. [Feature Family] Optimized version information to facilitate feature document acquisition and added information of CIoT.

3. [Parameter & Counter Family] Supported the change data query and association with Feature Family.

4. [NBI Doc Customization Tool] Added information of Small Cell.


The preceding updates will be available at Wireless Network Information Center on April 17, 2017. Welcome to our website to enjoy a new document experience!

For details, please visit http://support.huawei.com/onlinetoolsweb/wireless/Info_en.jsp


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Thanks for information
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Thanks for your detailed information
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useful document, thanks
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