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Quick Feedback Guide

1.    How to send feedback?

2.    Growth Score Acquisition

3.    Growth Score Redemption


How to send feedback?

1. Log in to Wireless Network Information Center and select a specific document or tool.


 2. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to contact us. The documentation expert will give you a response at the earliest opportunity.

l  Method 1: Provide your feedback at the bottom of the corresponding page.


 l  Method 2: Select specific content in the document as the reference for a quick feedback.



Growth Score Acquisition


Each feedback is rewarded with corresponding growth scores. Growth scores are accumulated and can be used for lottery drawing or prize redemption at any time.

·        You can obtain 10,000 points for each valuable comment.

·        You can obtain 1000 points for each valid comment.

·        Irrelevant and similar batch comments cannot obtain growth scores.

Activity Rules

1. Valuable comment: Indicates the comment that is recognized by Huawei Wireless Network Documentation Dept and is helpful for improving documentations.

2. Valid comment: Indicates the comment based on a specific issue of the document. Valid comments do not include the same or similar comments, and comments without specific improvement suggestions or issue description.

3. Irrelevant and similar batch comments are not scored.

4. Growth scores are settled monthly and are updated at the beginning of each month.

5. Huawei Wireless Network Documentation Dept reserves the right to final interpretation.


Growth Score Redemption

Log in to Wireless Network Information Center and click claim prizes.



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Good initiative
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Thanks for such a good initiative to attract customer and new users
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Thank you Huawei
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please share the winner list.
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good document, thanks
Have a nice day
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Really looking analytically about documentation and valuable comments. Thanks more please keep it up! Cos, such types of clarification is useful not only for bigginers also for experienced one.
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