ECO6910 Product Documentation (V100R003C00)

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Brief Introduction

In this post we will discuss “ECO6910 Product Documentation”, Product Version: V100R003C00, Library Version: 06, Date: 03/31/2014.


The link to the library is given here –

Highlights of the Library

The library has three major sections –

1. Description


a. ECO6910 Product Description


This section describes the features, system architecture, OM functions, reliability, and technical specifications of the ECO6910.



b. ECO6910 Technical Description             


This section describes the structures, working principles, signal flows, and transmission and networking of the ECO6910.

c. ECO6910 Hardware Description            


This section describes the cabinets, boards, and cables of the ECO6910.


d. ECO6910 Configuration Principle (Global)        


This document covers topics, such as product configurations, expansion and upgrade configurations of the ECO6910.

e. Security Overview     


This document describes security solutions for Huawei ECO6910 products in IP networking, including equipment, operation and maintenance (O&M), and transmission security features.

f. PKI    


This document describes the public key infrastructure (PKI) feature, including PKI architecture, certificates and files used by the ECO6910, how to use certificates, CMPv2-based certificate management, and engineering guidelines.

g. SSL    


This document describes eCoordinator Security Socket Layer (SSL), including its basic principles, related features, network impact, engineering guidelines, and parameters.

h. Equipment and OM Security 


This document describes the ECO6910 Equipment and O&M Security feature, including its technical descriptions, engineering guidelines, and parameters.

i. Dopra Linux OS Security            


This document describes the security features and capabilities of the Dopra Linux operating system.

j. eCoordinator Transmission Resource Pool       


This document describes the eCoordinator Transmission Resource Pool feature, including its technical principles, related features, network impact, and engineering guidelines.

2. Installation and Commissioning

a. Hardware Installation


This part describes how to install the N68E-22 cabinet, N68E-21-N cabinet, and the hardware of the ECO6910.


b. Quick Guides

It describes how to quickly install the ECO6910.

c. Equipment Commissioning

This section describes how to commission the ECO6910 from the aspects such as OMU, LMT, loaded data and data files, standard interfaces, integration of theECO6910 into the M2000, and services.

3. Operation and Maintenance

a. General

ECO6910 OMU Administration Guide: This section describes the software and hardware structure, software installation, GUI, and operations concerning the OMU.


ECO6910 LMT User Guide: This section describes the components and interfaces of the ECO6910 LMT as well as common operations on the ECO6910 LMT.

c. Fault Management    


ECO6910 Alarm Reference: Provides the names, meanings, and types of all the ECO6910 alarms and suggestions for handling these alarms.

ECO6910 Event Reference: Provides the names, meanings, and types of all the ECO6910 events and suggestions for handling these events.

ECO6910 Routine Maintenance Guide:   Provides a guide for the routine maintenance of the ECO6910, including the daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, and monthly maintenance.



d. Configuration Management  


ECO6910 Initial Configuration Guide: Describes how to use MML commands to perform the initial configuration on the ECO6910.

ECO6910 Reconfiguration Guide: Describes how to reconfigure the ECO6910 during network optimization.

ECO6910 MML Command Reference: Describes all the MML commands for the ECO6910 and their functions, usage, parameters, and examples.

ECO6910 Parameter Reference (Excel): Describes ECO6910 parameters, including the meaning, values, and usage of ECO6910 parameters.


e. Performance Management   


ECO6910 Performance Counter Reference: Lists all the performance counters of the ECO6910 and describes their meanings, measurement points, and units.


f. Security Management


ECO6910 Communication Matrix: Describes the communication ports used by the ECO6910.


g. Hardware Management          

ECO6910 Site Maintenance Guide: Describes how to perform the routine hardware maintenance of the ECO6910 and also provides guidelines for replacing the parts.

ECO6910 Spare Parts Catalog: Describes the details on the spare parts of the ECO6910.

Issues with the Library

This is one of the least impressive documents of Huawei. Most part of this library is pretty dull in content and has less detail. The thing I will complain most about is that the “Performance Management” part is too short. In general senses performance management part should contain as much detail as possible or at least provide links for further details. Here in this document in some cases the references end in one line! Huawei should work on this and add more contents.


Screenshots of relevant content

The following screen shot of the document shows description of ECO6910 certificate management in U2000. On secure networks, O&M personnel send certificate request files through the U2000 to the operators CA if the U2000 receives certificate requests. In this way, operator-issued device certificates are obtained and updated.

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