[USU Release Notes]

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1.Application Description

The release notes describe changes in product versions and the impact of the changes on users. The release notes help users better understand differences between different R versions or patches of the same R version.

The release notes describe the following types of changes:

A: Hardware changes: Changes in hardware, such as boards, subracks, or cabinets

B: Software changes

  • Feature changes: new features, modified features, and deleted features.
  • Resolved issues: issues have been resolved.
  • Known issues: issues to be resolved in a later version. 
  • Operation and maintenance changes: changes in configuration management, performance management, fault management, and license management.

C. Documentation changes: Changes in product documents for the current version


1)Before SRAN13.1

 The SingleRAN9.0 release notes provide complete information in a friendly manner, facilitating information acquisition.


1)Friendly information presentation


 2)Complete information



3)Quick information acquisition   

2)SRAN13.1 and after

 Moved sections "Feature Changes", "Function Changes" and "O&M Changes" in Release Notes to Network Impact Report, which is delivered with Release Notes Since SRAN13.1.




 3.Reference Documents

 Product  Version  Link
 USU3900 /USU3910  V100R013C10  Contact the local Huawei technical support.
 USU3900 /USU3910 V100R012C10 Contact the local Huawei technical support.
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