Quidway? S2300 Switches documentation

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Reference Link: http://www.huawei.com/ucmf/groups/public/documents/attachments/hw_093972.pdf

Important Highlights:

I. Product Overview:

Quidway ? S2300 switches (S2300 for short) are next-generation Ethernet intelligent switches developed by Huawei to meet the requirements of IP MAN and enterprise networks for carrying various Ethernet services and accessing Ethernet. Utilizing next-generation high-performance hardware and Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) software, the S2300 provides abundant and flexible features for customers to effectively improve the operability, manageability, and service expansibility of the S2300 and supports powerful surge protection capability, security features, ACLs, QinQ, 1:1 VLAN switching, and N:1 VLAN switching to meet the requirement for flexible VLAN deployment. The S2300 is a case-shaped device with a 1 U high chassis, provided in a standard version (SI) and an enhanced  version (EI). SI supports simple Lay-2 access functions. Compared with the standard SI, EI provides  more powerful VLAN, QoS, multicast, security, authentication, and reliability functions.

II. Product Features:

-Maintenance-Free, Easy Deployment, and Easy Management

-No Noise, Energy Saving, and Low Radiation

-Powerful Surge Protection

-VLAN-based Service Control

-Rich Multicast Functions

-Comprehensive QoS Policies

-Excellent Security Features

-Good Expandability

III. Applications:

i) Serving as Access Devices in Buildings:

The S2300-EI can connect to 100-Mbit/s DSLAMs as an aggregation switch in buildings. In this case, the selectiveQinQ function is configured on the S2300-EI; outer VLAN tags identify the locations of the DSLAMs or campus, and the inner VLAN tags identify users. The S2300-EI can also connect to home gateways directly or supply power to PSEs such as wireless APs or IP phones through PoE. This enables the S2300-EI to better support multi-service deployment, unified planning, fine management, and convenient maintenance of customers.

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Thanks for sharing. Is it possible to get the same for S3300?
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I  have a concern with the design topology on the SBC-2300.

Instead of having each SBC server connected to each  device; i would appreciate if they can work in a pool technology concept.

The SBC pool concert will be better just like the MSOFT MSC concept.

A failure of one SBC 2300; will ensure no service lost and redundancy supported.

Please try and check the feasibility of having the SBC 2300 in pool.

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