eRAN Feature Basic Knowledge

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

 Each feature is an end-to-end solution that aims to meet commercial benefits expected by customers.

Features can be classified into basic features and optional features based on whether they are under license control.

  • Basic eRAN (FDD) features are not under license control and are basic functions required for a network. You can use them after you buy the software.
  • Optional eRAN (FDD) features are under license control and provide additional services for a network. You can choose to purchase and enable them as required.

Optional eRAN (FDD) features include single-mode features, multimode features, trial features,and LTE evolution features.

    • Single-mode features apply only to the eRAN (FDD) mode.
    • Multimode features apply only to multimode networks related to the eRAN (FDD) mode.You can choose to purchase and enable them as required.
    • Trial features are those provided by Huawei in a corresponding product version for trial applications.
    • LTE evolution features are those defined in a protocol.

2) Documentation Description

 The feature introduction describes the basic function, feature ID, feature description, feature changes in a version, and corresponding feature parameter description of a feature.

To know more information about license control items for each feature, choose Introduction to LTE Feature > License Control Item Lists.


2. Highlights

Both the mapping between feature IDs and feature documents and links for the documents are available. You can click a link to view details of a feature.


 3. Reference Documents






eRAN15.1 eRAN Feature Documentation


eRAN13.1 eRAN Feature Documentation


eRAN12.1 eRAN Feature Documentation
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