eRAN Feature Parameter Description

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

With the commercial application of LTE networks, operators and telecom equipment manufacturers focus on improving service quality and network performance to bring better subscriber experience in the service speed, service quality, and network coverage. In addition, LTE networks can provide high-quality voice services for subscribers, which is a commercial opportunity for operators.

2) Documentation Description

A feature parameter description describes the basic principles and engineering guidelines of a feature/function, which provides guidance for users to enable a feature, optimize parameters, or locate faults.


The feature parameter description package contains single-mode documents and multimode documents.

  • Single-mode documents describe features for the eRAN (FDD) mode, and the feature working principles and configurations do not apply to other network modes. The title page of this type of document is labeled "eRAN."
  • Multimode documents describe features involved in different network modes. The title page of this type of document is labeled "SingleRAN." This type of document applies to two scenarios:
    • Features, such as co-transmission or co-clock, are the same or similar in different network modes.
    • Features work properly only in different network modes. For example, the GU dynamic spectrum sharing feature can take effect only when it is enabled both in GSM and UMTS networks.

Feature parameter descriptions cover the following information based on the service type:

  • Voice and services: In the LTE network era, voice services are still the main revenue source of telecom operators.With the popularization of intelligent terminals, telecom manufacturers focus on solutions to inheritance and transformation of traditional LTE voice services and short message services, as well as how to meet requirements of both subscribers and operators.
  • Radio and performance: Describes how to ensure consistent user experience in LTE networks.
  • SON: How to optimize the LTE network performance? It is not useful to use all network performance optimization experience of traditional GU networks in LTE inventory networks, which is concluded from the experience of field engineers and marketing engineers, unique network topology and network development phase of LTE networks, and analysis on current investment and positioning of operators. Self-organizing network (SON) is a key technique for LTE networks. What is SON? What is the function of SON in LTE network optimization? What are the impacts of SON on LTE network optimization? For details about all the answers to the questions, you can read this type of documents.
  • Topology and transmission: During LTE network deployment, how to share the network and transmission of the GSM/UMTS network? How to plan and manage LTE transmission interfaces? How to improve IP transmission efficiency?For details about all the answers to the questions, you can read this type of documents.
  • Security: Intelligent terminals and netbooks become increasingly popular, and they support more and more diversified services.In this case, malicious users use the network to publish unhealthy information.Therefore, operators need to provide a security scheme to ensure LTE network security.
  • Multimode evolution: Huawei provides the SingleRAN multimode evolution solution for protecting investment in GSM/UMTS networks during network evolution to LTE networks. 

The feature parameter description library structure is as follows:


2. Highlights

A link is provided for you to switch between the document contents and a specific title in the document.

A link is provided for you to query more information about a parameter and its corresponding managed object (MO).

An ID link is provided for you to query more information of a feature.




3. Reference Documents




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