Differences Between BSC6910 and BSC6900

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Good Post, Should mention the Capacity as well


Difference in

Number of Cells/Carriers

Number of Base stations

Number of PDCHs

Number of Users

Voice and Data Traffic carried out

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In Country P customer C have these two types of BSCs, so it is very usefull information for us to find out the difference b/w these two BSCs.

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this a very nice post... It was helpful..
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Thx for this accurate short details  
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very good post.... turned out very helpful for me
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The Details are short and understandable. The capacity of BSC6910 is 4 to 5 times that of BSC6900 but power consumption is also increased but much folds. Yeah with the booming rate of smart phones, the BSC6910 will suits the smart phone traffic model.

Thanks for sharing.

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Quote 1 #

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A very specific and informative float.
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