USN9810 Hardware Installation Manual

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

According to the typical procedure of engineering construction, equipment installation is divided into hardware installation, software installation, data configuration, and software commissioning. Hardware installation is the basis of the entire equipment installation. 

2) Documentation Description

The following hardware installation manuals are provided based on pre-installation preparation, precautions, and installation procedures:

l Site Requirements: provides requirements for the equipment room, operating environment, and power supplies, for example, requirements for equipment room, temperature and humidity in the equipment room, and equipment protection in a long period, and AC/DC power requirements.

l  Hardware Description and Hardware Installation: provide basic hardware knowledge for field installation personnel to complete the hardware installation. The hardware installation quality determines whether the equipment can work safely and stably for a long time. Therefore, with the systematic and standardized installation guidance provided by the manuals, unstable factors caused by improper installation can be reduced efficiently.

2. Highlights

a. The manuals provide complete information about environment requirements and precautions before the installation so that you can easily search for required information in any aspect and under any condition.

b. Installation manuals are well classified.

c. The manuals describe the tools, precautions, and procedures in the entire installation process by combining texts and graphics.

n   Required tools (examples)

n   Precautions (examples)



n   Operation procedures (examples)


3. Reference Documents






Hardware Installation



 Hardware Installation

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This document is very well done

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