USN9810 Spare Parts Manual

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

Spare parts refer to onsite replaceable units for maintaining the running equipment on the live network. Information about USN9810 spare parts includes their lists, levels, codes, and pictures of spare parts. The manual provides reference for you in creating a spare parts library and helps you identify and find required spare parts for replacing faulty spare parts.

2) Documentation Description

In the manual, you can find information about the spare parts based on the live-network faults.

The USN9810 spare parts include cabinet units, boards, and auxiliary parts.

In addition, the manual provides information about replaced and withdrawn parts, as well as descriptions about how to obtain BOM codes of spare parts.

2. Highlights

a. The main content and purpose of the manual are clearly described.

b. Spare parts are well classified.

3. Reference Documents






   Spare Parts Manual



   Spare Parts Manual

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This document is very well done

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