USN9810 Software Installation Manual

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

According to the typical procedure of engineering construction, equipment installation is divided into hardware installation, software installation, data configuration, and software commissioning. Software installation is the basis of the entire equipment installation. This manual guides you through the installation of NE software in a new site.

Software installation should be performed according to corresponding construction technical documents. The following installation modes are available depending on different scenarios:

l Software installation based on the pre-installation: Before delivery, the OMU server is installed, NE software packages are loaded, and basic hardware data and process groups are configured. You only need to install the client and modify the pre-installation configuration based on the actual conditions.

l Incremental installation: If operators install only the operating system on the OMU board during board manufacturing, you need to install OMU services using the incremental installation function of the INU4Win.exe program during deployment onsite to complete the software installation of the OMU server.

l Complete installation: The complete installation function of the INU4Win.exe program enables you to install the operating system and OMU services on the OMU board at a time. If you perform a complete installation by using system backup files, then the system file, configuration data, and service NEs of the faulty OMU server can be restored to the state when the backup is performed.

2) Documentation Description

You can refer to specific information in the manual depending on different scenarios.

l   Pre-installation:

l   Incremental installation:

l   Complete installation:

2. Highlights

a. Scenarios are well classified, and manuals are clearly mapped onto the scenarios.

b. You can easily find the required information in the manual to complete the installation.

Appendix: Content of installation information

3. Reference Documents






  Software Installation



  Software Installation

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This document is very well done

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