Problem of Uu No Response

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Problem of Uu No Response

The RNC RAB setup success rate decreases and the value of VS.RAB.FailEstabCS.UuNoReply or VS.RAB.FailEstabPS.UuNoReply increases noticeably.

The following analysis is based on the period when the fault occurs.

Analyze the values of VS.RAB.FailEstabCS.UuNoReply and VS.RAB.FailEstabPS.UuNoReply of each cell, and check whether they increase noticeably in some cells.

Run the RNC MML command LST UCELL to query the NodeB name corresponding to the cell ID.

Run the RNC MML command LST UIUBCP to locate the link number based on the NodeB name.

Check whether "SCTP Link Fault" or "LAPD Link Fault" alarm persist or not, then clear these alarm.

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This document is very well done

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useful document, thanks
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