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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

The implementation of most PS solutions requires the collaboration of NEs for processing certain services. NE-related documents only describe a single NE and how to deploy the NE but does not contain information about how to deploy a solution.

The solution documents provide guidelines for deploying solutions, including data planning, configuration, and commissioning of NEs. It helps customers deploy solutions on their networks.

2) Documentation Description

The solution documents are not released independently. Instead, they are incorporated into and released together with the Hedex documents of a single NE.


The solution documents incorporated into the Hedex documents of the USN9810 and UGW9811 are different and they are differentiated according to the mapping between solution features and NEs.

The solution documents are classified into the following types:

Service scenario type: provides descriptions, analysis, configuration, and commissioning of service scenarios, including smart bandwidth management, intelligent charging management, E2E QoS, service-based routing, and networker documents.

Solution feature type: provides descriptions, configuration, and commissioning of solution features, including the remaining solution documents.

The difference between the two types is that solution documents of the service scenario type involve typical services on the live network and describe feature combinations while solution documents of the solution feature type describe implementation and deployment of a single feature.


2. Highlights

The following uses the smart bandwidth management solution document as an example for illustration.

The smart bandwidth management solution document totally covers 18 deployment scenarios, as shown in the following figure.


3. Reference Documents












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