Iub Congestion

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Iub Congestion

The RAB setup success rate decreases. The number of CS or PS RAB setup attempts remains unchanged, but the value of VS.RAB.FailEstabCS.ULIUBBand.Cong or VS.RAB.FailEstabPS.ULIUBBand.Cong increases noticeably.

Handling Procedure

Analyze the values of VS.RAB.FailEstabCS.ULIUBBand.Cong and VS.RAB.FailEstabPS.ULIUBBand.Cong for each cell. Check whether they increase noticeably in some cells.

Check the transmission mode applied on the Iub interface in the cell that is it in ATM or IP.

If in ATM, then:

Check whether the CID resource for an AAL2 path is insufficient.

l   Run the RNC MML command LST UCELL to query the NodeB name corresponding to the cell ID.

l   Run the RNC MML command LST ADJNODE to query the ANI corresponding to the name of the adjacent node

l   Analyze the value of VS.QAAL2.Act.Conwith the measurement object ANI.

l   Run the RNC MML command LST AAL2PATH to query the AAL2 path corresponding to the ANI, and record the number of links configured on the AAL2 path.

l   Check whether the actual value exceeds the configured value.

Actual Value - VS.QAAL2.Act.Con

Configured Value - Number of paths x 248

then the Iub bandwidth is insufficient. Add new AAL2 paths.

If in IP, then:

Check whether the IP paths corresponding to the service exist.

Check whether the bandwidth configured for the IP paths over the Iub interface is insufficient.

Run the RNC MML command LST IPPATH with the interface type specified to query the links configured for the Iub interface. Record the link numbers.

Run the RNC MML command LST IPPATH with PATHID specified to check the bandwidth configured for each path.

Check whether the actual rate of a path exceeds the configured one noticeably.

Transmit bandwidth:



Receive bandwidth:



Check whether the actual traffic flow on an IP path is much less than the allocated one.

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