[Base Station Release Notes]

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1.Application Description

1)Service Description

The release notes describe changes in product versions and the impact of the changes on users. The release notes help users better understand differences between different R versions or patches of the same R version.

The release notes describe the following types of changes:

A: Hardware changes: Changes in hardware, such as boards, subracks, or cabinets

B: Software changes

  • Feature changes: new features, modified features, and deleted features.
  • Resolved issues: issues have been resolved.
  • Known issues: issues to be resolved in a later version. 
  • Man Machine Interface: changes in MML commands, parameters, alarms, events, counters, and licenses.

C. Documentation changes: Changes in product documents for the current version

2)Documentation Description

3900 series base stations herein include the DBS3900, BTS3900, BTS3900A, BTS3900L, BTS3900AL, BTS3900C, and LampSite.

5900 series base stations herein include the DBS5900, BTS5900, BTS5900A, BTS5900L and DBS5900 LampSite.

Base stations in versions from SingleRAN8.0 are classified into three types based on the function and deployment: separate-MPT multimode base stations, single-mode base stations, and co-MPT base stations (including the eGBTS).

Base stations in versions earlier than SingleRAN8.0 are classified into separate-MPT multimode base stations and single-mode base stations based on the function and deployment mode.




1) Since SRAN15.1, gNodeB release notes are added.

2)  Moved sections "Feature Changes", "Function Changes" and "O&M Changes" in Release Notes to Network Impact Report, which is delivered with Release Notes Since SRAN13.1.



3) New Product–BTS5900, Sharing the Release Notes with the BTS3900.

4) Since eRAN12.1SPC120, FDD and TDD release notes are combined.



 3.Reference Documents

 Produce  Version  Link
 BTS3900&BTS5900  V100R015C10  Contact the local Huawei technical support.
 BTS3900&BTS5900  V100R013C10  Contact the local Huawei technical support.
 BTS3900&BTS5900  V100R012C10  Contact the local Huawei technical support.
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Complete series of base stations like DBS3900, BTS3900, BTS3900A, BTS3900L, BTS3900AL, BTS3900C, and LampSite product docs can be included with links to easy access.
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