Dual-MPU Configuration

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On actual networks, network faults and service interruptions, caused by various non-technical factors, are inevitable. Therefore, a possible solution for improving the system availability is to enhance the system error tolerance capability, accelerate the fault recovery, and reduce the impacts of faults on services. When a fault occurs in the system, the active/standby switchover is an important method to provide system availability.

The active/standby switchover may result in data losses. Most of the lost data can be recovered through the Data Smooth process provided by Hot Standby (HSB).


HSB is a key technology providing hot backup.

The components and terms related to HSB are described as follows:
  • Active Main Board (AMB): indicates the current active main board of the two main boards on a Eudemon.
  • Standby Main Board (SMB): indicates the backup main board of the two main boards on a Eudemon.
  • HA channel: indicates the communication channel between the AMB and SMB.
  • Switchover: indicates the AMB is switched to the SMB. It is triggered by the commands or by a serious fault. In the switchover, the original AMB is reset and becomes an SMB.
  • Smooth: After the switchover is performed on a router, the SMB is switched to be the AMB, but the data in different modules on the new AMB may be inconsistent. Thus, the data needs to be synchronized on the new AMB.

The HSB can back up the static and dynamic configurations of the system from the AMB to the SMB.

When the system is restarted, the AMB backs up its static configurations on the SMB and the SMB re-execute the static configurations.

When the system runs normally, the data change on the AMB is backed up to the SMB.

After the switchover, the SMB switches itself to the AMB and runs smoothly. After the switchover, all the data on the AMB is backed up. In this case, sessions between the system and other devices are not affected, and other devices cannot sense the switchover of the device. Thus, the hot backup HSB switchover is an independent process.

To meet the requirements for HSB hardware, the device should support dual MPUs backing up each other. Dual-MPU is a redundancy backup technology.

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