UGW9811 Parts Replacement

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

To ensure that communication services are provided to subscribers in an uninterrupted manner, parts of communication equipment are replaced without powering-off in most cases. The maintenance engineers must strictly follow the basic operation process described in the part replacement manual to replace parts, thereby ensuring safe running of equipment and minimizing the impact of parts replacement on services. The following tips help quickly and correctly replace parts, handle equipment faults, and inspect the equipment.

Only professional maintenance engineers are allowed to perform part replacement. The maintenance engineers must be familiar with functions of parts to be replaced, basic operation process of part replacement, and basic operation skills of part replacement.

Required parts and tools must be available before part replacement.

After part replacement, perform verification according to "Verification" in the manual, ensuring that the new part is running properly.

For the part that is confirmed faulty and replaced by a new one, record the fault type, and return the faulty parts for repair.

2) Documentation Description

This document comprises four parts based on the part type: cabinet part replacement, board part replacement, cable part replacement, and replacement of other parts. The following information is contained in the document:

Basic operation process for part replacement

Function verification of the new part, exception handling, and fault recovery process of the faulty part

2. Highlights

1. The document is structured based on use habits of maintenance engineers. Therefore, the maintenance engineers can quickly query the target spare part and perform corresponding operations.


2. Descriptions of part replacement are divided into four parts: scenarios, prerequisites, procedure, and verification to guide maintenance engineers for part replacement.


3. The flowchart of part replacement and operation waiting time are provided so that the customer can clearly know the replacement process and required time.


4. The use of steps and figures makes the part replacement process easy to understand and provides accurate positions of replaced spare parts.


3. Reference Documents

 Product  Version  Link
 UGW9811 V900R011C00 Parts Replacement
 UGW9811 V900R010C01 Parts Replacement

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documentation very useful for my job

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