Active Queue Management (AQM)

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Active Queue Management (AQM) can actively optimize the management of RLC queues to reduce the delay of HTTP service data in buffer queues.

Currently, most communication systems use Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to guarantee the reliability of data services. When TCP is applied to the WCDMA network, one radio bearer (RB) can simultaneously use multiple TCP connections (multi-thread) and a great number of data packets may wait in the buffer queue, which leads to a high queuing delay.

AQM identifies an HTTP service by the TCP port number carried in the service packet. The default TCP port number is 80 for HTTP services.

The AQM algorithm applies to data transmission in the downlink rather than the uplink.

The AQM algorithm does not require support from other NEs.

The AQM algorithm must be implemented before the PDCP header compression algorithm is implemented.

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