[PS] Patch Installation Guide

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

A patch installation guide provides guidance for operation personnel on how to install patches for devices running on the live network. By referring to this document, operation personnel responsible for the live network complete the patch installation or rollback and handle common faults.  

2) Documentation Description   

Patch Notes for USN9810 and UGW9811 are mainly delivered in .doc or .docx format with the version patch to frontline engineers, and frontline engineers use the document or provide it for the customer.

A patch Installation guide details the upgrade and rollback procedures and operations, and provides frequently asked questions (FAQs) and troubleshooting methods.


2. Highlights  

You can select an installation guide based on the required upgrade mode

Patches for the USN9810 can be installed in either of the following modes:

l  Web user interface (WebUI)

l  M2000/U2000

Patches for the UGW9811 can be installed in either of the following modes:

l  Local maintenance terminal (LMT)

l  M2000/U2000 

3. Reference Documents  






Contact the local Huawei technical support.



Contact the local Huawei technical support.

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