Network Impact Report (eRAN TDD)

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    1. Application Description
1) Service Description
Before executing a network upgrade, you need to assess impacts brought by the upgrade and estimate required resources, making good preparation for the upgrade and preventing possible misunderstanding and misoperations.
In the network maintenance phase, you need to determine whether a new feature is required and need to know the impact of new or enhanced features.
In these situations, the network impact report will be a great help.
2) Documentation Description
The network impact report describes impacts of new and enhanced features in a new version on the live network from the following perspectives: system capacity, hardware, interfaces, existing features, and operation and maintenance.
The network impact report introduces only feature changes. For detailed information about version changes, see release notes.
The network impact report is released with each new version of the product.

2. Highlights
Two views (general impact on the version and impacts on single features), enabling you to know the impacts of a feature both comprehensively and in detail

Seven dimensions (general impacts, system capacity and network performance, NEs involved, hardware, inter-NE interfaces, operation and maintenance, and other NEs), enabling you to comprehensively know the impacts and helping resolve all your doubts

3. Reference Documents

 Product  Version  Link
 eRAN TDD  15.1  Newwork Impact Report
 eRAN TDD  13.1  Newwork Impact Report
 eRAN TDD  12.1  Newwork Impact Report

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