[UGW9811] Charging Function Description

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Application Description

(1) Service Description

The function of Charging is split into several features with an unclear logical relationship in between, which are unfavorable for customers to understand and deploy this function.

The UGW9811 provides charging function description that is illustrated with figures, helping you better understand system-level charging functions.

(2) Documentation Description

The function of Charging description includes serveral parts: overview of charing system, mappings between charging functions and charging features, dependencies between charging features, and charging related selection.

2. Highlights

1) An overall charging solution is provided. Based on this panorama, you can clearly view all involved subfunctions.


2) Associates service functions and features, helping understand the relationships between purchased features and UGW9811-implemented functions.


3) The figure shows the selection between online and offline charging functions,which make it easier to understand the system workflow.


3. Reference Documents

 Product  Version  Link
 UGW9811  V900R010C01  Charging Function 
 UGW9811  V900R011C00  Charging Function


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useful document, thanks
Have a nice day
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