Description Hardware Architecture (Board -Classification) of GGSN:

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Hardware Architecture (Board -Classification) of GGSN:

Gist of Boards funciton can be easily understood from below:

>> The GGSN9811 consists of four types of boards: Main Processing Unit (MPU), Switching Fabric Unit (SFU), Service Processing Unit (SPU), and Line Processing Unit (LPU).
>> MPUThe main processing unit (MPU) is the core circuit board for system management. The MPU collects routing information and generates route tables. As the switching center of packets of the GGSN9811, the MPU functions as an operation and maintenance agent of the system.
>> SFUThe switching fabric unit (SFU) provides the switching function of the service data throughout the system.
>> LPUThe line processing unit (LPU) provides physical interfaces connecting the GGSN9811 and external networks. The LPU processes and forwards service data. In addition, the LPU maintains and manages link protocols and forwarding information base (FIB) tables
>> SPUThe service processing unit (SPU) provides the service processing function of the GGSN9811. The SPU processes the bills related to services. Each SPU has two CPU and for this reason each GGSN has two GnIP and as well as two GiIP.
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