Call drop cases

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Call drop location analysis

Call drop location analysis: based on the location of the call drop event in the map window in the post processing tool, following information can be got:

a. The place of the drop call
b. At the edge of the 3G coverage or not
c. Related cells
d. Distance between related 3G cells and the drop
call point

Neighbor list analysis

Neighbor list analysis: to find out any cell not defined in the neighbor list, following information need to be got:
a.Best serving cell before the call dropped
b.Best serving cell after the call dropped

c. Existing neighbor list of the best serving 3G cell

Coverage analysis

Coverage analysis Analyze the pilot coverage to get information about:
i) CPICH transmission power
ii) Whether following coverage events take place or not:
? a. Coverage limited
? b. System interference
? c. Poor uplink coverage
? d. Poor downlink coverage
? e. Pilot pollution

Coverage analysis Analyze the service coverage to get information about:
a. Service related Maximum downlink transmission power
b. SIR before the call dropped
c. Max uplink transmission power allowed for UE
d. Actual uplink transmission power before the call

Handover analysis

Handover analysis to get information about:
 i) Signal strength change of the target call and the serving cell
? a. insufficient handover area
? b. too late to start CM
? c. too late to add target cell
? d. interaction problem among 3 type of handover
 ii) Following cause exist or not:

Signaling analysis

Signaling analysis:
a. Signaling of different interface including: Iu, Iub, Iur, Uu
b. Signaling of different layer including : NAS, RRC
c. In addition, analyze signaling in UE side in conjunction with signaling in network side.

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