USU3910 Configuration Principles

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

During network planning, you may wonder where to obtain information about hardware and software configuration.

During network capacity expansion, you may wonder how to calculate the quantity of hardware additionally required and whether additional licenses are required?

Configuration principles provide answers to all your questions. With configuration principles, you can conveniently complete hardware deployment.


2) Documentation Description

USU3910 Configuration Principles cover basic hardware configurations (including configurations of involved boards, cabinet, and installation auxiliary materials) and typical configurations.

This document also helps you quickly and accurately find related documents if you want to know detailed product information during base station configuration.

·         There are various types of USU hardware, and their specifications differ. You can refer to the USU technical description for component specifications.

·         This document does not cover hardware and cable appearances. If you want to know the appearances, see the USU hardware description.

2. Highlights


3. Reference Documents


 Version  Link
 V100R012C10  USU3910 Configuration Principles
 V100R013C10  USU3910 Configuration Principles
 V100R015C10  USU3910 Configuration Principles

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