Configuration of the Main Slots in the Integrated Chassis of the S9303

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  • LPU area: There are three slots for LPUs, that is, slot 1 to slot 3. The distance between two slots is 1.4 inches.

  • MCU area: There are two slots for the MCUs, which are slot 4 and slot 5. The distance between two slots is 0.8 inches. The SRUs work in 1+1 backup mode and implement hot standby. The user can choose whether to configure two MCUAs. By default, an MCUA is installed.

  • PoE power area: Only the AC power supply is supported and the AC power modules cannot work in backup mode. The V100R001 version does not support the PoE function.

  • System power area: The system power modules are installed in PWR1 and PWR2. The system power modules can be DC power modules or AC power modules. PWR1 is area A and PWR2 is area B. Area A and area B work in load balancing mode.

Figure 1 shows the appearance of the S9303 chassis.

Figure 1 Appearance of the S9303 chassis
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How many LPU can support by S9303?
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